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Pact Partnership with Compassionate Swaziland


Compassionate Swaziland has been awarded a major grant from USAID and PEPFAR through Pact. The grant will take HIV prevention and OVC impact mitigation needs to greater heights in the period of the three-year partnership in implementing Umliba Loya Embili “Youth Going Forward “project. The project targets adolescent boys and girls aged 10 – 19 years and their care givers. These include   adolescent girls, OVCs (adolescents living with  HIV, disabled adolescents) and female caregivers. The project Umliba Loya Embili is being implemented by Compassionate Swaziland in Mpolonjeni (Lubombo region), Mtsamba (Shiselweni region) and Ngwempisi (Manzini region). In Mpolonjeni Inkhundla the project is implemented in the following chiefdoms; Shoba, Mpolonjeni, Ndzangu, Sigcaweni and Ngcina. In Mtsambama the project is implemented in Bhanganoma, Magele, Mbhoke, KaZenzile, KaGwegwe, Godloza and Ekwedzeni chiefdoms. In Ngwempisi Inkhundla the project is being implemented in the following chiefdoms; Mgazini, Bhadzeni 1, Bhadzeni 2, Mahhashini, Macudvulwini, Velezizweni, Ngcoseni, Khabonina, Dladleni and Lushikishini.









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