Our History


Compassionate Swaziland is a non-governmental organization based in Mbabane and was founded by HIV positive mothers and fathers in January 2010. Its mission statement provides that it is to work as advocate for children, releasing them from social, physical and economic poverty through collaboration and partnership

They identified 600 HIV+ adolescents in Lubombo and Shiselweni regions. Compassionate Swaziland was then officially registered in February 2011 and formed twenty 20 support groups for adolescents, identified 20 Community Based Volunteers, and works closely with community support groups for PLWHA.

  • Since then, Compassionate Swaziland has grown; currently the organization has a staff capacity of 18 permanent staff and 125 community based volunteers. The organizations programs are based on health, educational support, pyscho-social support, gender based violence and household economic strengthening.
  • Compassionate Swaziland is currently being supported by USAID through Pact Swaziland,     Sahee Foundation, Global Fund for Children and Amplify Change


Swaziland in which there is justice and healthy lifestyle for all children and youth.


Is to work as an advocate for children, releasing them from social, physical and economic poverty through collaboration and partnerships.


To contribute to the process of restoring hope and dignity of HIV positive adolescents and an HIV free generation in the Kingdom of eSwatini.


To promote the linking and integration of sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention services to adolescents in Swaziland.

To promote behavioral change based HIV and STI’s prevention among adolescents.


 To provide integrated SRH rights and HIV prevention services to HIV+ and HIV– adolescents.

 To use schools as centres for care and support for children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

 To prevent gender-based and sexual violence and abuse as drives of new HIV services and support.

 To provide care and support to children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS.

Target Groups

 HIV positive adolescents.

 HIV negative adolescents.

 Out of school and school going adolescents.

 Children born with HIV and are approaching their adolescents stage

Our Mandate

  1. Sexual and Reproductive Health with Adolescents
  2. HIV Prevention among Adolescents
  3. Working with Schools as Centres of Care and Support
  4. Promotion of Gender Equality and Equity with Adolescents
  5. Care and Support to Adolescents Affected and Infected with HIV/AIDS

Our Services

  1. HIV Awareness

To provide HIV+ adolescents with a free environment to ask clinical and social questions which they have never had the opportunity to ask at home or at school, promotion of PMTCT among young mothers living with HIV/AIDS, HIV prevention among adolescents and young people living with HIV/AIDS. Prevention information to children born with HIV/AIDS and are approaching their sexual maturity stage. Promotion of medical male circumcision among adolescents, promotion of proper and consistent use of male and female condoms among adolescents. Treatment literacy.

  1. Skills Development

Compassionate Swaziland provides life-skills training to adolescent boys and girls. The life-skills include healthy lifestyles for young people, advocacy against gender based violence (GBV), child friendly information on SRH, career guidance, prevention of teenage pregnancy, voluntary male circumcision, dangers of drugs and substance abuse as well as treatment literacy for those adolescents on ART

  1. Self-Empowerment

Educating adolescents on implications for gender based violence (GBV), lobby for policies that promote women leadership and economic roles, advocacy against gender based violence as a driver to new HIV and STIs infections. Dialogues with communities on gender and vulnerability to HIV infection. Promotion of child protection and rights. Capacity building for care givers and family members.