Mabuyakhulu Abingo

founder and Director

  • Siphiwe has over ten years of experience working with children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS.

She worked with Swaziland National Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (SWANNEPHA) as assistant regional coordinator in the Big Lottery Fund Project. She had previously worked with SWANNEPHA as a project coordinator in UNDP-funded project. Siphiwe has a wealth of experience in the foundation of children`s groups, psychosocial support, and counselling for orphans and vulnerable children. Her strength is deeply rooted in close links and networks with communities, groups for PLWH, and local leaders. Siphiwe has a long history of volunteerism and has attended several courses on leadership, governance, and child protection. She is well known and very well respected in the communities where Compassionate Swaziland works.

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Development Leadership from Coady International Institute, St Francis Xavier University in Canada. She also hold a certificate in Community work with children and youth from University Of Kwazulu Natal(UKN)