OVC support and sexual and reproductive health education for children

Compassionate Swaziland has signed a one year grant agreement with the US-Embassy in Swaziland to provide basic needs to and SRH rights education to adolescents. This project gives Compassionate Swaziland an opportunity to educate children on various HIV prevention and management related topics and provide support to orphans and vulnerable children in Lubombo and Shiselweni regions. The project is being implemented in Maphungwane and Tikhuba communities (Matsanjeni North Inkhundla –Lubombo region) and Luhlekweni (Somtongo Inkhundla – Shiselweni region).

Human Rights and HIV/AIDS capacity building for adolescents

Through funding from the Canadian High Commission-Maputo, Compassionate Swaziland has been working on a wide range of issues that aim at building the capacity of adolescents to be able to make informed choices on health related issues. The Canadian High Commission provided funding for the ‘’Human Rights and HIV/AIDS Capacity Building for Adolescents’’ project. The project was implemented in Lubombo Region (Tkhuba, Mpolonjeni, Lugongolweni communities) and in Shiselweni Region (Mtsambama,  communities). 



Global Fund for Children supporting Children with disability in Swaziland.

Our partnership with Global Fund for Children is taking HIV prevention, care and support for children in Swaziland to a higher level. Compassionate Swaziland is proud to partner with Global Fund for Children to support children with various forms of disabilities in Swaziland. The Global Fund for Children is currently supporting a one year programme that targets to build the capacity of disabled boys and girls in Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV prevention, prevention of teenage pregnancy.

Of profound interest is that Global Fund for Children is keen to support small and vibrant grassroots organizations whose leadership have strong community presence and support. Global Fund for Children identified Compassionate Swaziland from among nascent but active organizations that whose mandate are closely linked with children’s needs.

The partnership with the Global Fund for Children is also providing educational support to children with various forms of disabilities (hearing, physical and mental challenges). The educational support includes school uniforms and bags to disabled adolescent boys and girls. Compassionate Swaziland has entered into one year partnership with the High and Primary schools for the deaf in Lubombo region to build the capacity of deaf adolescents in HIV prevention, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights education. Due to high prevalence rates of gender based violence (GBV) and human rights abuses directed to people with disabilities the partnership between GFC and Compassionate Swaziland is building the capacities of deaf adolescents in human rights. This is expected to provide disabled adolescent girls and boys with the right information against GBV as well as the how to report cases of sexual abuse. Under the partnership with GFC Compassionate serves children living in child headed families who are constantly at risk of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse. The organization also serves children living under the care of elderly grandparents. Most of these children were orphaned by HIV/AIDS.



Sahee Foundation supports SRH and HIV prevention

Our partnership with Sahee Foundation has been a life changing experience for both Compassionate Swaziland and our beneficiaries. The partnership provides Compassionate Swaziland with the opportunity to reach out to HIV+ adolescents in the remote rural parts of Swaziland. The project provides SRH and HIV prevention information to adolescents in Swaziland. The project is being implemented in ten schools (in Shiselweni and Lubombo region). The project introduces SRH and HIV prevention concepts to adolescents. Through the partnership and full involvement of rural communities and their leadership Compassionate Swaziland provides life-skills training to adolescent boys and girls. The life-skills include healthy lifestyles for young people, advocacy against gender based violence (GBV), child friendly information on SRH, career guidance, prevention of teenage pregnancy, voluntary male circumcision, dangers of drugs and substance abuse as well as treatment literacy for those adolescents on ART.





In July 2015, Compassionate Swaziland (CSD) signed a grant agreement with Pact Swaziland through funding from the United States Government’s President’s Emergency Plan for HIV/AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to implement Umliba Loya Embili (Youth Going Forward) project. It is a 3-year project.

Project Vision

Adolescents are healthy, resilient and living in an environment where families, communities, and civil society; promote their optimal care, protection, and well-being.

Project Goal

Swaziland’s response to the HIV prevention and impact mitigation needs of vulnerable priority populations is improved.

Project Objectives

  1. Scale up integrated evidence-based HIV prevention and OVC services for vulnerable adolescents.
  • Improved access and uptake of comprehensive combination HIV prevention services for adolescents, especially girls
  • Improved access to essential services that address the priority needs of OVC and their families
  • Improved Health status of ALHIV


Umliba Loya Embili project has strengthened HIV prevention and OVC impact mitigation labors of Compassionate Swaziland (CSD) amongst adolescent in the kingdom of ESwatini. The project is tailored to strengthen HIV prevention and services for vulnerable adolescents. Above and beyond the care and treatment of HIV+ adolescents, Compassionate Swaziland through Umliba Loya Embili project targets three main groups: adolescent girls between 10 and 19, orphaned and vulnerable children between 10 and 17, and young women between 20 and 24. HIV/AIDS has had an overwhelming effect on Swaziland’s young people often referred as (Umliba Loya Embili), approximately half of the young population are orphans and vulnerable.

Compassionate Swaziland is implementing Umliba Loya Embili project in three Tinkhundla; Mtsambama (Shiselweni region), Mpolonjeni (Lubombo region) and Ngwempisi (Manzini region).


The project focuses on the needs of an adolescent holistically; through five (5) intervention areas; health, education, household economics, psychosocial support and GBV.