Compassionate Swaziland on the 8th of July 2016 attended a graduation ceremony at the Kwaluseni, Emporium hall, Matsapha Swaziland. The organisation was invited by Director of Buhle Catering (Make Veronica Tfwala) after the support the organisation has shown to the college since year 2016. Vocational skills is one of the many components that makes up our services offered under one of the pillars Compassionate dwells on “WORTH”. In this forum Compassionate Swaziland select young women and older Orphaned adolescents in the different constituencies we serve in and send them to vocational institutions. They attend institutions where they are trained on; Sewing, Computing and Catering. The organisation pay for their tuition fees and Hostel fee. Last year specifically on Catering skills we managed to send to Buhle Catering College 10 ladies in total. 6 from Mpolonjeni Inkhundla in the Lubombo region and 4 from Mtsambama Inkhundla in the Shiselweni region. Currently we have 15 young women in an on-going training at Buhle College expected to graduate this year 2017.




Some of the graduates during the proceedings, they came in numbers for their moments



Makhosazana Vilakati

Makhosazana Vilakati is a young women from the Shiselweni region at (Siteki) Mpolonjeni Inkhundla, She is one of the young women sent to Buhle by Compassionate Swaziland. During the ceremony she was privileged enough to get the opportunity to thank her parents, teacher, Make Tfwala and the organisation, in her speech she said “She will like to thank Compassionate for such a change in her life, she is a person who never thought that one day she would ever graduate or even get a better job but rather stay a helper for the rest of her life. She continued to say that, in life each time she would look for a job her respond to the question “WHAT KIND OF JOB ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?” she would respond and say “ANY JOB!” but she is more than happy but grateful for the love and kindness Compassionate has shown her and in short of ways nor words to express her gratitude towards the organisation. As she closed her speech her only plea was that Compassionate should please continue with the good work they are doing because God in heaven sees it and shall bless them in abundant for her. Makhosazana has yet started working at Sgodweni in Matsapha as a chef.


Make Veronica Tfwala

Make Tfwala is the Director of Buhle Catering College who said her speech she started of as a vendor selling fat cakes and selling food during special occasions. She continued to thank the parents for trusting her with the children for the period they spent with her, many thanks were also sent to the teachers who continued to assist her even in difficult times. She assured the parents that this was not going to be the end of the road but rather the beginning of it, they will get jobs in many different places with the certificate they are getting today. While on that note she mentioned that a lot are selected while still at school by mostly the Swaziland forces to join them in event and even to serve the king, His Royal Highnest King Majesty Mswati the third. She made an example with Phiwayinkhosi Ndlela who is 1 of the young women sent by Compassionate Swaziland from Mpolonjeni Inkhundla in the Lubombo region. She is now working for the Royal Swazi Police as a cook at the police college. Lastly the Director appreciated the organisation for sending children in her college but most of all changing the lives of the young women.


Director: Buhle College during her speech


The Young Women with their families During the Graduation Ceremony














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