Compassionate Swaziland at World Aids Day 2017

As an annual event celebrated annually in the world on the 1st of December, this year the commemoration was celebrated in the Shiselweni region at Sigwe Inkhundla whereby the Swazi nation gathered in fight against HIV/AIDS. Public sectors, Private sectors and NGOs were present during this day. The society at large; girls and boys up to the elderly were also present to speak in one voice towards vision 2022 of an AIDS free generation which is also in support of the world Aids day mandate. Theme of the year 2017 was “right to health” but to suits best the situation in the country (Swaziland) it was changed to “Ending Aids Together”

From the Information Stall…

The communications officer supported by Field officers were stationed in the stall whereby they were sharing information to the public on the work the organisation is doing at community levels and findings as they work. Empowering them in situations that can be similar to those shared with them, guiding them on ways of how they can be assisted in a situation where by they need help from Compassionate SD or any of the implementing partners.

From the pictures about the Honourable Deputy Prime minister is seen visiting our stall, an officer addressing members of the crowed in the stall. Adolescents with the speaking books on their hands and taking their tie to hear what the book is saying to them carefully.

From Edutainments….



Compassionate showed some love to the public by providing innovative ideas as much as possible to keep the event alive and have everyone happy and participate from the younger ones up to adults.

Participant for the day..



The kept the crowed entertained and alert with their exciting talent display through song and dance. Young girls presenting above African dance geared up on Livadla (Swazi traditional skirt), some of the girls presented Ummiso which is another Swazi traditional dance geared up on Sidwashi and umgaco. Our mothers (Lutsango) came in numbers too and danced for the public in song, geared up with the whole Swazi women traditional attire. The royal Swaziland police band also shared with us the best sound from their music instrument.

More pictures from the Compassionate Stall…..



Our very own- Ntsetselelo Simelane reciting a Poem

Ntsetselelo is a 15 years old adolescent who presented a poem talking specifically to HIV. Saying time is up. Here is more he had to say


HIV You are an infection that anyone can get

You were born out of no where

You came out of nowhere

You are the evil secret weapon

You came and controlled out lives.

Who are you? Why are you here?

Why are you so painful to our lives?

Why do you bring destruction to our world?

 It was our world before but since you entered this world, our peaceful country Swaziland. You control it as if it belong to you.

You direct us to death through hell.

You are cruel

You destroy people’s lives

You have done and still do painful things.

You take parents away from their children and leave them homeless

You make people give up on their lives

You have made us to live in fear by creping around the corner with no footsteps to hear.

HIV your time is up!! Without shedding a tear, we say this is our lives

We are not going to give up but fight back and take what belongs to us which is our health and our lives. NGCI!! NGCI!! NGCI!!

Sikanye Kanye sitayicedza i-AIDS

Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and grand parents

Asingacwayani, singahlekani kepha sibambisane sicedze i-AIDS



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