World AIDS day Illovo

 Compassionate SD at World AIDS day Illovo

Compassionate Swaziland (csd) as an organisation which was founded by HIV+ mothers and fathers who were concerned about their affected and infected adolescent takes pride in part taking in activities which mandate is to fight and end HIV/AIDS. Therefore CSD attended all the build -up campaigns towards the national Aids day which took place in regional level, whereby they were sharing with the organisations stakeholders about the services offered by the organisation in relation to HIV/AIDS, Sexual Reproductive Health, Gender base violence and HIV prevention.

During this day we were able to facilitate to adolescent girls and boys between ages 6-10 years old who attended the event. We managed to reach 300 plus adolescents that day whom we facilitated through edutainment. Topics discussed with the adolescent girls and boys included but not limited to;

  • body mapping
  • good and Bad touches
  • How a touch turns out to be violence and abusive
  • What to do in an event of violence or abuse
  • Where, how and who to report to
  • Success to fat Challenges

After the discussion of topics prepared for them energetic as these group it was games all the way;

Apart from the facilitation of the adolescents girls and boys, Compassionate Swaziland had the communications officer stationed in information stall whereby she was sharing more about the current project (Umliba Loya Embili) being implemented in the Tinkhundla level. The Director of CSD was also present to support the communications officer sharing the services offered to the public.

Pictures from the facilitation which was mainly done through the support of CSD community based volunteers; youth facilitators whom we appreciate so much for their efforts at work


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