Compassionate Swaziland working or implementing it project at Inkhundla level was invited in the Lubombo region at Hlane to attend and facilitate on their build up campaign towards world aids day. The event was held on the 25th of November 2017, started off at 7:00am with a March which began at Njotjane complex to the venue being Enjotjane Primary school.

Compassionate officers relaxing on the information stall before the event started, from left-right the Monitoring and evaluation officer, Field officers OVC (Next 2 ladies) and Field officer HIV Prevention.

From the Information Stalls….


Pictured above is the public visiting our stall to learn more from the services offered by the organisation and what exactly we do in the different areas we implement at.

Edutainment for the Day..



The song of the day was “ASIBAMBANENI SICEDZE i-AIDS KA-NGWANE IZI-DZINDZIBALE” across the activities both boys and girls were dancing to the same song in different rhythms. We also had aerobics immediately after the march to empower people about the importance of keeping fit by exercising to keep health.

Our very Important guest..

The event was graced by the presence of the above honourable elders in their diffferents ranks of honorifics we appreciate them. Part of them was The Hon. Member of parlement under Hlane inkhundla, make Dvuna ( Hlane inkhundla), Head of regional offices (NERCHA) Lubombo region, Department of the Ministry of Education, Chiefs and many other dignitories who were present.



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