Day of Adolescent Girl Child

The  international day of a girl child is commemorated on the 11th October of each and every year but this year as Partners looking at the welfare of adolescent girls towards the theme “Empowering girls before, during and after crisis” was celebrated it at Sibetsaphi high school in Siphofaneni on the 18th October 2017. The event was graced with the presence of Hon. Deputy Prime Minister Mr Paul Dlamini, dignitaries from the ministry of education and Implementing partners, chiefs from the communities, parents, NGOs and the most important people of the day “our girls”.

(Miss Nontsikelelo with the girls during the proceedings)


The program directors of the day were 2 young girls; 1from Sibetsaphi high school and 1 from St Philips high school. They did and exceptionally good job from the 9am until the very end of the program at 3pm. Part of the items on the agenda were 4 doctors (girls), young farmer (Nombuso Manana). The Doctors were young girls from different family backgrounds who grew up and faced different challenges in life but still persevered to bring out the best in their lives, they all shared success stories and lastly told the girls that they recently graduated for the university in Taiwan. They shared with girls on how to be the best and emphasised they study very hard. On the other hand the young farmer Nombuso also shared with the girl’s presence the touch life she faced but she did not give up instead continued to grow vegetables and one day joined a competition which she won. She is a better farmer today.

Program Directors


Compassionate Swaziland came along to share their services offered towards vision 2022 of empowering girls under the Umliba Loya Embili project. Offered specifically to girls is under HIV Prevention of our pillar where by the girls are taught in clubs on a curriculum called stepping stone. Compassionate officers came to support the communications officer in the stall as the share more from the Compassionate Swaziland`s desk to the girls and public at large.

Visitors on our stalls




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