Compassionate Swaziland was founded in January 2010 by concerned HIV+ mothers and fathers when it started to operate in Thessalonica community (Somtongo Inkundla-Shiselweni region) through volunteer work by support group members of people living with HIV and AIDS. However the organization was officially registered on 3rd February, 2011 after its activities were extended to Somtongo, Gege and Shiselweni 2 Inkundla in Shiselweni region. ...Read More




  To provide integrated SRH rights and HIV prevention services to HIV+ and HIV– adolescents.

 To use schools as centres for care and support for children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

 To prevent gender-based and sexual violence and abuse as drives of new HIV services and support.

 To provide care and support to children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS.

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Target Groups

 HIV positive adolescents.

 HIV negative adolescents.

 Out of school and school going adolescents.

 Children born with HIV and are approaching their adolescents stage

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You can save a child's life

if you choose to act


By transforming children's lives ,
we change the course of their future and ours.

For the first time in its 17-year history, the Katherine Fleming International Development Award will be presented to a Coady participant from Swaziland.

 Siphiwe is an inspired Swaziland leader with a vision for equity, inclusion and voice for the women and girls of her sub-Saharan country. Siphiwe acknowledges the importance of her role as a woman leader to build tomorrow’s leadership who will have the confidence and skill to create strong, resilient communities. 

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we are focused on making a long-term impact by helping children living in poverty. We have a bold vision: graduating healthy, educated, empowered and employed young adults from our program so they can achieve the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. 

Umliba Loya Embili Project

Compassionate Swaziland has been awarded a major grant from USAID and PEPFAR through Pact. The grant will take HIV prevention and OVC impact mitigation needs to greater heights in the period of the three-year partnership in implementing Umliba Loya Embili “Youth Going Forward “project. The projects targets adolescents aged 10 – 17 years who are OVCs, living with HIV, disabled and female caregivers....Read More


What is the power of (every)ONE?


What we believe: All change starts with ONE person who chooses to act



 Our Involvement

HIV Awareness

Provide HIV+ adolescents with a free environment

To provide HIV+ adolescents with a free environment to ask clinical and social questions which they have never had the opportunity to ask at home or at school, promotion of PMTCT among young mothers living with HIV/AIDS, HIV prevention among adolescents and young people living with HIV/AIDS. Prevention information to children born with HIV/AIDS and are approaching their sexual maturity stage.


Skills Development

Life-skills Training to Adolescent Boys and Girls

Compassionate Swaziland provides life-skills training to adolescent boys and girls. The life-skills include healthy lifestyles for young people, advocacy against gender based violence (GBV), child friendly information on SRH, career guidance, prevention of teenage pregnancy, voluntary male circumcision, dangers of drugs and substance abuse as well as treatment literacy for those adolescents on ART


Self Empowering

Educating adolescents on implications for gender

Educating adolescents on implications for gender based violence (GBV), lobby for policies that promote women leadership and economic roles, advocacy against gender based violence as a driver to new HIV and STIs infections. Dialogues with communities on gender and vulnerability to HIV infection. Promotion of child protection and rights. Capacity building for care givers and family members.



You can create a world where no child goes to bed hungry


For many kids and families, our community centers offer a place of dignity and hope. And you can make a long-term impact on their lives by helping build a community center in much-needed areas 




Dr. June Webber, Coady director and StFX vice-president, has announced that Mabuyakhulu Abingo Siphiwe Phumla will receive the award during StFX's homecoming weekend (9:30am, Saturday, Oct. 1 in Dennis Hall). The award and endowment fund were established by the family, friends and classmates of Katie Fleming, StFX alumna ’85, who dedicated her life to fighting poverty in Africa. It is awarded each year to a woman from Africa taking part in the Diploma in Development Leadership.

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Creating a Positive Change

Ms. Mabuyakhulu is founder and director of Compassionate Swaziland, a charity that works with schools and community groups to provide comprehensive care and support to HIV/AIDS-affected children and young people. This includes providing sexual and reproductive health rights education and preventing gender-based violence, which is a regular cause of new HIV infections and a barrier to finding support...Read more


OVC Support , Sexual and Reproductive health education for children

Compassionate Swaziland has signed a one year grant agreement with the US-Embassy in Swaziland to provide basic needs to and SRH rights education to adolescents.

we give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. By transforming children's lives now,
we change the course of their future and ours.

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